Glenwood Commercial Real Estate Site

Glenwood Commercial Real Estate Site

The Process

Glenwood was a side project that needed design work and development. I received the initial design from a graphic designer who had all of the branding elements and the important pages laid out. However, to make the project work as expected, I had to put on my Functional Analyst and UX hat to fine tune the design and user journey. I had to work with an agency and the client directly to create the user stories and come up with a final business plan of what the site needed to accomplish.

Part of the project (larger part) was the Administration Backend that allows the client to manage the properties listed on the site as well as custom copy and images. There wasn't a design or any direction regarding the admin site, so I had to start from scratch and truly create a "form that followed the function" as it related to how the public facing site worked.

Glenwood Commercial Real Estate Site

Putting the Design into Code

Once the public site was wire framed and and a final high fidelity design was finalized, I had to build the site. It was custom built from scratch with PHP, MySQL, and JQuery. It takes advantage of the Google Maps API for plotting properties on a map. The client has full control over the site through the custom Administrative Backend that takes advantage of the CK WYSIWYG Editor as needed for page copy.

Glenwood Commercial Real Estate Site

Final Designs

This website is live at:

Glenwood Commercial Real Estate Site

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Searchable Commercial Real Estate website with Google Maps

Functional Analyzation, UX Design, Full Coding Development

Project is currently live on the internet at

Want a Demonstration?

Sometimes a walk-through of my live sites (especially the administrative pieces) can give you a better idea of what went into them. I'd be happy to schedule a walk-through with you.

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